Posted by: daccanuck | April 6, 2014

Weather and Events (April 2014)

Posted by: daccanuck | March 25, 2014

What is Cognitive Dissonance??

Posted by: daccanuck | March 12, 2014

Truth About The Ukraine Crisis.

Posted by: daccanuck | March 2, 2014

Signs Of Change (February 2014)

Posted by: daccanuck | February 9, 2014

Signs Of Change (Jan 2014)

Here are the comments I placed on a video post from Oct 5/2012. Link to past post:

DAC Comment Oct 5/2012
So this video really points out a lot of things I have been watching and becoming aware of. I find if you watch this you will perceive it in your own awareness. A Biblical end to 2012? Signs are coming? Sure fits.
I find if you believe in Weather Modification like I do. Also the dark weather warfare that has been going on around our world. Where everything I see all comes back to Chemtrails and world change with crazy weapons like HAARP. Lots can be explained logically.
I followed the weird noises heard around the world in January. I looked into this pretty in depth. DAC opinion I find a good explanation is of course Haarp. This must make a massive noise. Also a new one as defined “solar magnetic quakes”. Makes the magnetic field quake from large solar flares. This has only been defined in the last 6 years or so.
We are at the peak of the last 11 year solar cycle. Natural cycle.
Wildlife die offs. Climate change for sure plays a roll. How about mass radio waves or chemtrails? I have been following this for at least 9 months. Listed under planet/solar/eviro .
Well and on the ET end of things. I imagine 9 out of 10 people asked would believe there is life out there?

Posted by: daccanuck | January 6, 2014

Signs Of Change (Year of 2013) Extreme Events on Earth

I wonder if 2014 will show signs of change? For more of the worst??

Posted by: daccanuck | January 1, 2014

End The Fed 2014

Posted by: daccanuck | December 23, 2013

Media Lies While Syrians Die (Corbett Report)

Posted by: daccanuck | December 16, 2013

Signs Of Change (Nov 2013)

Posted by: daccanuck | November 19, 2013

Signs Of Change (Oct/Nov 2013)

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